October 2013


My girlfriend and I purchased a property together at Seaton, which was vacant at the time as it was owner occupied.  We decided to rent the property out for a period of 18 months and we sought to look for a business that could provide us with a service whereby they could go through the proper steps to find us a suitable tenant without any hassles for us but we would continue to manage the property.

While we thought we could go to a real estate agent, we have had a number of negative experiences with real estate agents in the past, as we have a number of other investment properties but we did start our research with real estate agents.  Our initial research found that a number of real estate agents were not keen to just provide the initial part of the service without signing up for a 12 month property management agreement.

Some real estate agents told us that it wouldn’t be a priority as it wasn’t financially viable to provide just the front part of the service.  Others who were willing to provide us with the service wanted up to 6 weeks rent if they were not going to property manage the residence.

We were beginning to give up hope when our research led us to Landlord Services Pty Ltd (www.landlordservicesonline.com.au) so we are more than happy to write this testimonial for Liz Razzano, Director of Landlord Services Pty Ltd.

From the moment we contacted Liz we were very happy with her professionalism and how quickly she secured suitable tenants, without fuss and without wasting valuable rent earning time.  She also managed to get us $30 per week more than what we were expecting.

Liz personally came to see us, inspected the rental property, prepared the ad, handled all the enquiries, met all perspective tenants at the property, provided them with application forms and presented them to us.

We then selected our preferred tenant, Liz reference, employment and rental checked them and put them through a tenant database.  We were so happy on how quickly and professionally she handled everything.  Liz prepared the fixed term agreement specific to our needs, submitted the bond, did the initial inspection, introduced us to the tenant, provided us with the tenants first two weeks rent and then stepped back for us to manage from there.

We have decided to use Landlord Services for some of their extra offers as their rates are so competitive its not worth our while doing it ourselves ie property inspections and lease renewal when the time comes.

We always recommend Landlord Services to our friends and anyone who is seeking a personalised service for a competitive price.  Their fees are tax deductable and if ever we have any concerns or issues we can contact landlord Services for guidance and assistance so we can avoid unnecessary delays or disputes.

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