What services do we provide?

Are you a Landlord who has a residential property to rent and don’t want to use a real estate agent to help you locate your next tenant?

Landlord Services do not manage properties so we don’t make you feel obligated to sign up with us for 12 months in order to provide this service.

We partner with landlords to find suitable tenants by writing the advertisement, lodging it on realestate.com.au (or other suitable medias), handle all enquiries, open the rental property for inspection, meet and greet any suitable applicants, provide tenancy registration forms and put selected tenants for your property through a thorough screening process.  This is an alternative service to the services that real estate and property management companies provide you so that you can remain in control of your spending.

We have been providing this service to landlords for over 10 years and would be happy to talk through your tenancy needs at no cost.  Our business is meeting the needs of the landlord by sourcing suitable tenants, so your business needs is our number one priority.

Benefits to Landlords:

  • Assessment of rental return;
  • We source suitable tenant(s) for your residential property;
  • No on-going fees;
  • A professional, positive and efficient service;
  • Tax claimable costs (refer to a Registered Accountant or the Tax Department);
  • A detailed and thorough selection process;
  • An introduction to your tenant;
  • Regular communication between you and your tenant in the first 3 months of occupancy;
  • Landlord and tenants rights and responsibilities explained;
  • Support, advice and referral service if needed;
  • Preparation of the tenancy agreement;
  • Lodging the security bond;
  • Cost savings.

Benefits to Tenants:

  • Free tenant registration;
  • Advice and support;
  • Your rights and responsibilities;
  • Regular communication during the first 3 months of occupancy;
  • Landlord introduction;
  • Collect and lodge the bond;
  • Collect and provide the first fortnight’s rent to the landlord;
  • Quick outcome of your application.

Additional services not covered by our fee:

  • Inspections of your residential investment property;
  • Advertising in The Advertiser or on www.realestate.com.au or on www.gumtree.com.au;
  • Mileage costs for properties outside  metropolitan Adelaide or rural areas.

How do you start the service?

  • To engage our services, contact the Director of Landlord Services Pty Ltd - Liz;
  • Liz will visit you to ascertain your exact needs and arrange to inspect the rental property;
  • Upon receipt of full payment of our service/establishment fee, we will commence the tenancy process.