27 March 2006


To whom it may concern


I had the pleasure of renting the property at Inverness Avenue, Marion from February 2004 to March 2006.  I had moved from interstate and viewed a number of potential properties before finding the Inverness Avenue house.  This house was by far the best maintained and superior value for money property of the many I viewed.  During the two years I have rented there were no major faults within the home; all fittings and fixtures are in excellent working order.  The house is clean and secure throughout.  It is located in a quiet area; I never experienced any problems and always felt safe living in Inverness Avenue.

The process of applying to rent the property and settling in was made seamless by my landlady Liz Razzano.  In all of my dealings with Liz throughout my tenancy I found her to be extremely efficient, organised and professional.  In administrative matters and maintenance matters, Liz has always ensured that the lines of communication between us were open.  Thus matters were always attended to promptly and competently.  For example, I once came home to find bees int he house.  I called Liz and within an hour pest controllers had resolved the problem.  Fortunately (because the house is in such good condition) there weren’t any other instances of emergency maintenance during my tenancy.  However, I am sure that if there had been, Liz would have attended to them quickly and resolutely.

I found Liz to be generous and flexible when I asked for a variation on my rental agreement (I had a friend move in with me).  This was extremely reassuring.  In the time that I rented with Liz the rent was not raised, which also contributed strongly to my sense of security.

I enjoyed living at this property so much I was sad to leave!  Ultimately, Liz was again extremely flexible when it came to finalising our rental period.  Generally speaking, I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience and a more professional and yet friendly and approachable landlady.

Dr Kate Douglas


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